SD - Eddie Price

Eddie Price
Community Relations Coordinator
Eddie Price makes sure that communities of concern are involved, educated, and represented. He also helps with GRID's Workforce Development initiatives for at-risk Youth and military veterans as well as the Re Entry population. Eddie was raised in the shadows of social change and community activism in the culturally diverse East Bay area of Northern California. He was blessed to live, and grow, in an environment of change that led him to always look for a “good fight” and to never be afraid to speak his mind after educating himself to the situation. Eddie Price has been actively involved in San Diego community life since relocating his family and business to the area approximately 20 years ago. Currently, Eddie serves on the Mayor of San Diego's Sustainable Energy Advisory Board and is a co-chair of the San Diego Chapter of CALSEIA in addition to his work at GRID Alternatives, which includes Collaborative Partnerships, Community Outreach, Trans Border Opportunities, and Multifamily Affordable Housing.