One More Campaign

How does your donation make a difference?

Who are you helping?

How will your money be used? 

We understand these concerns just as we understand the concerns of our clients. Each month we want to share with you a story of how GRID Alternatives is helping a family or person take one more step towards their goals!

Below are our One More Campaign: Stories of the Month. Each story highlights a different aspect of what GRID offers the San Diego community, with the help of people like you!



"Rosie the Riveter" became Ruth the Riveter for us this month. To learn more about an inspiring woman, click here!









 David Beck threw open the door and welcomed Opportunity into his life with both hands! Find out how by clicking here!








 Do you know what Native Americans, college students, spring break, and Veterans have in common? All is explained in this month's, One More Story.









 Brian Gonzalez, realized that his internship with GRID Alternatives would benefit him so much more than just a job. To read his story, click here!


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