History in the Making: The Diggs Family


February 28, 2019
The Diggs pose by one of their new solar panels before it goes up on the roof

The Diggs have always been pioneers. Shariff Diggs a New Jersey native who moved to San Diego in the early 80s was one of the city’s first African-American lifeguards. Desiree Diggs was a foreman at the San Diego Coca Cola Bottling Company and worked her way up to becoming their first African-American woman supervisor.  

It is no surprise then that the Diggs are on the forefront of their neighborhood’s transition to solar, and they say this is just the beginning of their journey.  “We use a lot of consumables that aren’t eco-friendly,” Mrs. Diggs admits. “Solar is great! And then we’ll work down from the roof.”

Since retirement the Diggs are also happy for some extra savings.  With the the cost of their son’s college education and more grandchildren on the way, Mr. and Mrs. Diggs have been considering new ways to save both money and the planet.

The Diggs are feeling good about the solar system GRID installed on their roof in November 2018 -- especially since their 4.56 kW system is expected to eliminate 65 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime. Equivalent to planting over 1,500 planted trees.  

And just like in their significant careers, the Diggs plan to become solar pioneers -- determined to spread the solar word through the Bay Terraces community until they see more of their neighbors following suit. History in the making!