Hope in Uncertain Times


April 05, 2017
Portrait of homeowner, Jerald Schuldies standing outside his home

“These renovations have been a way of getting my life back,” explains Jerald Schuldies. Mr. Schuldies, recently retired, has been devoting much of his time to caring for his elderly father and recently embarked on a mission to bring his home back up to scratch. “It’s been the perfect distraction from everything,” says Mr. Schuldies.

Today GRID staff, along with the help of a team of Johnson & Johnson volunteers, will install the ‘icing on the cake'. Mr. Schuldies’ beautifully manicured, recently repainted and re-roofed home will be anointed with an 8 panel solar system.

“When the city referred me to GRID I was so excited,” explains Mr. Schuldies. “It will make a huge difference -- and honestly who knows how the savings will help me, the way things are going that extra money might go to my healthcare or just to put food on the table, these are uncertain times.”

Volunteers from Johnson & Johnson travelled from as far as New Jersey to be in San Diego to help Mr. Schuldies go solar. Many of them were senior facilities managers -- no strangers to strategy and process. They impressed GRID staff with their incredible speed and accuracy with the system completed and looking beautiful by 3 p.m.

See photos from the day.