Leaving a Solar Legacy

It’s evident Janice McMurray cares about her family.  In fact, that’s why she originally purchased her home in 2005, because she wanted to leave a legacy for them.  She was thrilled when her daughter, then granddaughter and finally great granddaughter joined her in her Southeast San Diego home. “It’s great!” she says of her living situation, “ I’m never lonely.”

But there’s a reality she must face with four generations living under one roof.  “With all these women living here, we spend a lot on utilities,” she laughs. All jokes aside, Ms. McMurray is concerned about the impact the household bills are having on her family’s quality of life.  “It’s important that we keep bills down so we can enjoy life.”

McMurray is partially retired.  Originally from San Diego, she started out as a bus driver for the Los Angeles Unified School District.  After an injury took her away from bus driving, she pursued a real estate license and switched careers. She’s spent the last 30 years making other’s dreams of home and business ownership a reality through specializing in residential and  commercial loans. Actually, it was through one of her real estate clients that she first heard about GRID. She was ecstatic to learn that she qualified for the Energy for All program.

Ms. McMurray is not just concerned about her bills; she’s equally concerned about the planet. “With the current administration we need all the help we can get to save the environment,” she says. “ I think about my great grandchildren and what their future will be like.”

Ms. McMurray says she was so thankful for and impressed by the hard work of GRID staff and volunteers.  She’s thrilled to know her 3.9 kW of panels will eliminate 75 tons of greenhouse gas emissions over its lifetime -- the equivalent of planting 1737 trees.  Now she can add solar to her legacy!