San Diego Solarthon 2017

Large crowd of participants at the San Diego Solarthon in 2016.
San Diego Solarthon 2016

Solarthon is GRID Alternatives’ annual solar block party that brings together individual fundraisers, corporate sponsors, community leaders and local volunteers to install multiple solar electric systems in one community over the course of a single day.

Our 2017 Solarthon took place in El Cajon, where we will solarized 6 homes over an eight hour period, with the help of at least 60 volunteers. Over their lifetimes, the systems installed at 2017's Solarthon will save the participating families a combined total of $102,000 and offset 209 tons of greenhouse gas emissions – equivalent to planting 4854 trees!

Thank you to everyone who participated!:

- Sunrun

- GetChargedUp

- SunPower / Source Intelligence

- Wells Fargo

- Women's Build Team

See photos from our 2017 Solarthon.

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