Bay Area Solarthon 2016: Solar Access in Novato

Known for it’s low crime rate and good school district, the city of Novato is a beautiful haven in Marin County, featuring 3,600 acres of open space. These amenities don’t come without a price, however--with an average home value of upwards of $750,000, Novato is not a city accessible to all.  

On Saturday September 10th, GRID and Habitat for Humanity of Greater San Francisco will help change that, bringing solar to 10 new affordable homes during our 11th annual Solarthon event. The Novato development, named Mt. Burdell, will provide 10 low-income families - and first-time homeowners - a place to live in Novato’s paradise. And, with the around $25,000 lifetime savings from the solar installed at Solarthon,  these new homeowners will be able to better afford their mortgage and general expenses, without worrying about being able to keep the lights on.   

Not only will this be GRID’s first Solarthon in Marin County, but it will also be only our third install in Novato. “We are always working to expand our reach where its needed most, and we are thrilled to be hosting Solarthon in Novato this year” said Renee Sharp, GRID's Bay Area Regional Director. Marin County has acted as a leader in clean energy, becoming the first county in the state to adopt a Community Choice Aggregation program that allows all of it’s residents the option to choose to get either 50% or 100% renewable energy. The benefits of this program, of course, have mainly been reserved for those who can afford to live there. That makes Solarthon - and it's important impacts - even more exciting.

GRID is thrilled to partner with Habitat for this full-day event, which is also made possible through the help of generous sponsors and 150+ volunteers and fundraisers! Solarthon will bring together people from all over the Bay Area who are committed to bettering our community and environment. If you would like to help make this event successful, sign up now to become a Solar Champion and help fundraise in support of the event, or email us at to find out about sponsorships and event support volunteer opportunities. Together, we are working towards making GRID’s vision of a successful transition to renewable energy that includes everyone a reality!