Clean Power Finance Connects to the Community with GRID


February 22, 2013

On a sunny Saturday morning in February, employee volunteers from San Francisco-based solar financing and software company, Clean Power Finance, gathered at the home of a low-income family in Richmond. The volunteers came from a variety of different teams, ranging from brand new employees to a Senior Vice President. But all had come together on their day off to install a solar system through GRID Alternatives’ corporate sponsored workday program for a family who could never otherwise have afforded it.

“It feels good to do important work,” says Kristin Hoefer, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Clean Power Finance. “People at Clean Power Finance are passionate about the company's mission and about solar in general, and being able to actually physically participate in helping local families access clean, affordable power is a fantastic feeling.”

Their workday in February was the first of five sponsored installations the company will complete in 2012. These solar systems will save local low-income families a combined $113,000 over the lifespan of the systems, while preventing over 350 tons of carbon emissions. This is the equivalent carbon reduction to taking over 65 cars off the road for one year!

As they worked on-site in February, passing panels up to the roof, splicing rails and even wiring the 3.2 kilowatt system, the team not only helped bring the savings solar to a family in need, but also gained valuable tools to apply back in the office. “We want all our employees, even those who work on back end or office support, to know firsthand how a solar installation works… to appreciate what our customers do in their daily work,” explains Hoefer.

Partnerships between GRID Alternatives and companies like Clean Power Finance connect local corporations directly into their community, creating tangible benefits for underserved communities. As Wil Fluewelling, Applications Manager at Clean Power Finance, said of his participation with GRID, “I never felt so connected to my community before!”

From all of us here at GRID, thank you to Clean Power Finance and our other amazing sponsors who enable our work all year round.

To see photos of the February installation with Clean Power Finance, visit our Picasa album.

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