GRID Team Leaders: Where Are They Now?


October 29, 2014

Frank Ross began volunteering with GRID Alternatives and in just three months he became one of our all-star team leaders. Team Leadership jet-set Frank’s solar career and he now installs approximately two systems a day with SolarCity. Not only did Frank find work, but he continues to volunteer with GRID when he has time – sheparding more green job trainees into the industry.

Before coming to GRID, Frank dabbled in real estate investing. It was through this work experience that Frank became attuned to solar; noticing that the homes that went the fastest on the market were solarized. Ever curious, and with no construction background, Frank set out to obtain skills from the ground up so that he could understand the solar market.

After taking classes at the Solar Living Institute he signed up to volunteer with GRID to continue on the solarcoaster. As Frank shares, “I’m a hands-on person, and visual learner. Learning trial-by-fire is the most effective for me. And I knew if I showed someone else, I’d have it down.” In no time, Frank became a roof and ground Team Leader with GRID, using his certified skills to help train others on the roof.

Team Leadership prepared him for work in the solar industry, shares Frank, because of the 360 degree learning environment at GRID and the opportunity to teach others. Frank was able to not only talk about his skills to his potential employer, but also demonstrate them, giving him a competitive advantage to land the job.

Now employed in the industry, Frank still wants to make sure people have the same opportunities he did. As Frank shares, “I think people who want to transition to work in solar have to really prepare themselves both physically and mentally. If you just want to sit around and watch you won’t get anything out of it. Take the initiative to get out of your comfort zone.” Frank continues to give back to GRID and the families GRID serves, all while helping others with the same transition he made and even gaining new skills for advancement in his work life.

To learn more about our Team Leader program and how you can further your solar career – all while training others – see here.