A Job That Matters


April 25, 2013

Ralph Carmines, of Petaluma, worked formerly as a civil engineer, but found his positions “mostly without fun or redeeming qualities beyond a wage”. Determined to find meaningful employment, he began volunteering with GRID and credits his experience working alongside one of our Solar Installation Supervisors, Ron Griffin, for his new solar career.

“I must tell you how much Ron Griffin has helped me to get a solar installation job. I would have told you sooner, but I've been so busy working I've hardly had a chance to look back,” Ralph wrote to us recently. “I've worked numerous GRID Alternatives installs with Ron. He's taught me much about the whole process, both details and the big picture. He saw the value I could add to an installation crew and used his contacts in the industry to connect me with an excellent small company expanding in the Bay Area.”

With more than 120,000 people employed in the solar industry, solar jobs are as hot as the sun itself. But many industry employers require experience in installation, a reality that presents a challenge for classroom educated job-trainees to connect to real employment opportunities. GRID Alternatives provides the needed hands-on experience  to bridge this gap. We've helped hundreds of people get long-term employment in solar, and have created more than 1000 paid work opportunities with local installers through our Sub-Contractor Partnerhship Program.

As Ralph explains, there’s an even greater benefit to working in the solar industry and of volunteering with GRID, “I enjoy the outdoors work and the always happy customers, but I know that slowly we're changing the energy production infrastructure from the bottom up, and that sates my rebel energy. It's a quiet rebellion, and unstoppable.”

We’re so proud of Ralph and thank him for all his assistance as a volunteer with GRID. Are you looking for work that makes a positive impact in the world? Check out how our Team Leader Program provides valuable solar installation skills and training!