Solar Brings Smiles After Rough Times


January 22, 2014

"All we knew is that solar panels help you save energy."

This was Rafael Macias' answer when asked how much he knew about solar before working with GRID Alternatives to install a 2.9 kilowatt system on his home in San Jose, California. 

Rafael and his wife, Lina, are both cancer survivors and the proud parents of 6 children, ranging in age from 3 to 23 years old. With their health challenges and the expenses of a large family - not to mention that their roof needed to be replaced - neither of them ever thought solar could help them find economic security.

"I came down with this illness that kept me off work for 8 months and we went downhill - we ran out of savings, ran out of money, ran out of everything. Rough times," Rafael explains.

But the Macias family was too excited to both save money and help the environment to let their aging roof get in the way of a great opportunity with GRID. A week after receiving referrals from GRID staff and rallying support from their extended family to raise the funds for the roof replacement, Rafael and Lina had a new roof and were ready for solar!

"We're both cancer survivors, so finally something good is happening for us," Rafael adds. They plan to use the savings from their solar system - estimated at approximately $29,000 over the next 30 years - for food and college expenses for their children.

GRID would like to congratulate the Macias family on the hard work and dedication they put into becoming solar energy leaders in their neighborhood! Click here to see pictures from their install.