Solar Skills Spotlight: David Inda, Clean Power Finance

What’s it like to be a GRID Team Leader, fundraiser, Solarthon volunteer AND Solar Skill-Building Workshop instructor? “It’s fun,” says David Inda, a long-time (and multifaceted!) GRID supporter and solar industry veteran. “I like to be where I can help and GRID is such a worthwhile cause.”

Like many of the superstars in GRID’s network, David has remained committed to GRID throughout his own work in the solar industry, even crediting a lot of what he knows today to some of his early installation days with GRID. David kicked off his GRID experience as a subcontractor in 2011. Since then, he not only became a GRID certified Roof and Ground Team Leader, but has participated in multiple GRID Solarthons and even recently taught a Solar Skills Workshop for GRID volunteers on roof quality control.

Now, as a manager at Clean Power Finance (CPF), he has deepened his commitment, even spearheading fundraising efforts to benefit GRID, including leading the CPF Team for the Solar Softball Tournament to benefit GRID’s International Program. As David shares, “At CPF there is a lot of excitement internally for GRID, so it makes it easy to stay involved.” In fact, over 95% of CPF employees have participated in a GRID installation as part of their company’s commitment to GRID and as a valuable training resource for their work!

Throughout his engagement with GRID, the common theme has been to bring people in the industry together to help promote equal access to solar technology and job training, and even to cross-share experiences. As David says, “We are a small enough industry where most of us know each other and everyone in the industry has similar struggles. If you can put us together for a fun experience it’s always nice to vent to one another.”

Solar superstars like David make our work possible – thanks for all you do, David!

You can see photos from David’s Solar Skills Workshop here, and also check out upcoming workshops on our Volunteer Portal here