Spring Training Install-by-Install


June 28, 2019

You need a job to gain experience, but experience to get hired for a  job. It’s a classic Catch 22 and a cycle that GRID Alternatives Bay Area has been working hard to try to break. This Spring, GRID Bay Area’s Workforce Development team partnered with several local organizations to administer real-world, hands-on experience, providing 4,500 training hours to community members in just two months!

Check out some photos below of the action packed spring!

Continued partnership with Rising Sun Center for Opportunity, May 2019

IMG: Job Trainee Kmani setting up a meter

Solar training participant, Kmani, learns how to set up a meter can at an install during Rising Sun Center for Opportunity and GRID Bay Area’s twelfth in-depth solar training. Over the course of the three week program, six students earned Installation Basic Training certificates while completing their OSHA-10 training. Kmani had more than 5 solar position interviews scheduled before the training was even over!

Swords to Plowshares, May 2019

IMG: Swords to Plowshares job trainees
Swords to Plowshares job trainees

A cohort of Swords to Plowshares Veteran Trainees pose in celebration of a week of Solar Design and Sales training. The veterans not only spent time installing solar, but  were also able to practice solar sales lead acquisition. Within a week of graduating from the program, two participants, Gianni and Dominique started their careers in solar at the same company! 

Future Build Pittsburg, April 2019

IMG: Future Build Pittsburg Job Trainees
Future Build Pittsburg Job Trainees

Students Barney and Jamiel pose with Senior Solar Installation Supervisor Ron Griffin in front of their impressive electrical box work. The students were part of a pre-apprenticeship cohort from Future Build Pittsburg who together, completed 4 solar PV installations with GRID Alternatives Bay Area. 

Young Community Developers, April 2019

IMG: Young Community Developers Job Trainees

Trevon and fellow students from Young Community Developers learn Ohm’s Law and how to test a solar panel from Solar Installation Supervisor Laura Galavas. After this install, Trevon joined the GRID team for a visit with Governor Jay Inslee of Washington to share his learning experience.

John O’Connell High School & JVS, March 2019 

IMG: John O’Connell High School & JVS Students

John O’Connell High School students getting “energized” while they build miniature off-grid solar systems to charge their cell phones and plug in radios. GRID Bay Area and Jewish Vocational Services have partnered to provide John O’Connell students solar workshops, solar PV hands-on tool training and solar installation experience since 2017 

Urban Services YMCA, November 2018 - March 2019

IMG: Happy GRID volunteers

Maria Tapia, furthest left, helping lead a crew of volunteers for a warehouse revamp. Maria trained with GRID for 300 hours through a partnership with YMCA Youth Urban Services. Click to learn more about her story and her efforts to bring solar to Latin America. GRID BA was even awarded Employer Partner of the Year Award for their work with Maria. 

TAKE ACTION! It was a busy spring to say the least. While GRID Bay Area works tirelessly to make sure resources for trainees are accessible, becoming a monthly member is a great way to make sure GRID BA is able to provide these real-world training experiences to students like Gianni & Dominique, Kmani & Maria and Terence & Trevon. Start your membership today and become a part of changing lives!