Staff Spotlight: Meet Tony Nguyen!


September 25, 2018
Tony Nguyen siting on a solar panel.

Tony first heard of GRID in his hometown of Sacramento, where he volunteered with GRID North Valley, earning all 11 Installation Basic Training skill certificates and serving as an intern. When the Bay Area SolarCorps Construction Fellow position was posted, it was a perfect match for Tony. You may have already met Tony out on the roof with GRID Bay Area where he teaches participants, monitors our quality control checklist and always finds new and amazing ways to pose for group photos. Read on to learn more about Tony!

Preferred pronouns?


How did you come to GRID?

I came to GRID through the Promise Zone internship, a program that dedicates resources to Sacramento’s most underserved communities, with the GRID Sacramento office. After completing the Installation Basics Training program with GRID staff, I applied to be a SolarCorps Construction Fellow in the Bay Area.

What GRID Value most resonates with you?

The value of community resonates most with me. I am motivated to help people in my community because I grew up in a rough neighborhood and spent a significant amount of time with my grandparents. In high school, I volunteered and engaged with the elderly at the nursing home where my grandparents lived. 

Favorite GRID moment?

Helping GRID Sacramento’s Training Officer, Steve Geiger, with a project installing solar on tiny homes that house some of the local population that is homeless. This was a unique opportunity to work on tiny homes and help the homeless population as well.

Fun fact about you?

According to some people, I’m a good singer!