Full bellies

Nohemi Hinojos is still waiting for the roofer who was supposed to come out last week and get her roof repaired and ready for her scheduled installation today, but that didn’t stop her from firing up her grill and cooking 30 pounds of carne asada for the GRID volunteers. Plates were piled high with meat, tamales, enchiladas, guacamole, two types of salsa, refried beans and more, all cooked by today’s homeowners. Feeding volunteers is just one of the many--and perhaps our favorite--ways our homeowners participate in their installations, and this feast was about as good as it gets!

“What you guys are doing is a huge service. Making lunch is nothing compared to what you guys are doing for us.” said Martha Cruz, whose system was installed yesterday.

We’re prepping the final four homes for panels today, including Nohemi’s, and we hope we’ll be able to finish her system with local volunteers and the few remaining staff next week. Two of her five children were working with us, one on the roof and another, 7-year-old Obed, helping prep the rails on the ground. He’s got a solar career ahead of him for sure!

Tomorrow is our last full day here. Stay tuned for a report from our impromptu women’s build!

We've been posting pictures all week on our Facebook page and via Twitter. Make sure to check out the album!