It's a wrap!

Six days, twelve families, hundreds of volunteers, staff, and curious onlookers, and a whole lot of fun! Today was the final day of our Colorado pilot project, and the sun was out in all its fall glory. Maria Ojeda was one of the last homeowners to get her system, and she looked on as a team of 11 women (our first Colorado Women’s Build!) scurried up and down the ladder, hoisted panels, pulled wire, etc., making short work of a relatively complex installation on her double-pitch roof.

Maria has been a home health aide and nursing home assistant for 15 years, and has three of her seven children still at home. She and her family worked off their Habitat for Humanity hours in just six months, with her parents and older children all pitching in. She can’t wait to start getting her power from the sun and saving some money for her kids.

‘I'm so excited to save money on my electric bill! Thank you GRID Alternatives!” she said.

We had occasion to thank her too, for the delicious beef and potato quesadillas she made for lunch today. We’re all heading back to California with full bellies and happy hearts. Thanks Colorado, for such a warm welcome. We can’t wait to come back!