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Los Angeles is increasingly becoming a clean technology hub, but for South Los Angeles residents, who face severe economic and environmental challenges—high rates of foreclosure, unemployment, and pollution—the benefits of clean energy are typically out of reach. All that changed in one neighborhood on Saturday November 10th, when GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles installed solar electric systems for ten low-income families in the lovely Willowbrook area. Read More >
Want to fight pollution and unemployment and foreclosures in your own backyard with a single project that will help a struggling family immediately while making a positive impact on the environment for decades?! Read More >
Volunteer Jeffery Trirogoff has been committed to GRID Alternatives since his first installation in March of 2011. He came in with clear intentions and a clear goal. Already having achieved a BPI Certification, this Green enthusiast wanted to obtain his NABCEP Installers Certification while giving back to the community at large. Read More >
Saturday November 10th was a special day. GRID Alternatives partnered with Mitsubishi Electric for a corporate sponsored workday event and led a team of hardworking and enthusiastic Mitsubishi volunteers to install a 2.1 kW system for Esteban Fuentes and his wife Marisela Rodriguez in Santa Ana. But it was also Marisela’s birthday and after lunch the family invited the whole team for cake and candles on the back porch to celebrate. Read More >
Here at GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles we are working to share the sun with everyone this summer and this June we celebrated the soltice with Randy Bishop, CEO and Cofounder of Verengo Solar, and a highly professional team of Verengo volunteers, who installed a 2.3 kW solar electric system for the Carrillo Family of Long Beach Read More >
“WEEB!” For those of you who have not yet installed a solar electric system with GRID, a WEEB (Washer Electrical Equipment Bonding) is a small piece of aluminum hardware that is placed between solar modules to ground the modules to the rails they are clamped to. Read More >
When Javier Pinos first came to GRID Alternatives last spring to volunteer he was studying Level 2 Photovaltaics at the East Los Angeles Skills Center. He was eager to work with GRID on an actual solar electric installation for a local low-income family to complement his academic learning and gain the hands-on experience that would prepare him for employment. Read More >
GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles closed out the last days of March with solar electric systems installed at no cost for two low-income families on 124th Street in Compton. These solar installation projects were supported by a grant from the Southern California Gas Company, which is supporting 25 solar electric installations for low-income families in 2012 as part of their Bettering the Air We Breathe Campaign. Read More >
On Friday June 10th, GRID Alternatives completed its 1000th solar electric system installation for low-income families throughout the state of California. This milestone took place at the home of Ms. Celia Juarez as part of the Enterprise East Los Angeles Green Grant Program. Read More >


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