GRID in the News

It also works with partner organizations to provide training to people such as Gonzalo Varela, who participated in a 2019 training cohort after being incarcerated for almost three decades and facing tremendous barriers to employment.

"This was the first time that we've installed something like this," Ashley Christy, an executive director of GRID Alternatives, said.

Solar entrepeneurs like Kenneth Wells are eager to hire people from these L.A. neighborhoods […] He took temp jobs and participated in Grid Alternatives' reentry internship program as well as solar classes at East Los Angeles Occupational Center, one of several respected classroom training programs elsewhere in the metro area.

The installation of 97 solar panels at the Wilmington Senior center marks the beginning of GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles (GLA's) "Green Harbor Initiative".

[Warren] Olney hears that paying more attention to environmental injustice may help overcome bureaucratic inertia and entrenched political power, which make it tougher to mitigate the damage from climate change.

The need for environmental justice in Wilmington is clear. Support for this construction project by The 11th Hour Project helps further the goals of the senior center's staff to be both financially and environmentally sustainable.

In addition, thought-leaders across the county share their valuable insight on tackling issues including, housing, transportation, employment, and climate change, all of which are demand that communities rethink the topics of tomorrow, today.

Now, they're pairing up for a special fundraiser in support of GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles, an organization that uses a volunteer model to install solar panels in underserved communities at no cost.

Monetary benefits for participants are tremendous […] Eligible participants can receive hundreds of dollars in benefits for their electric, gas, and water utility bills […] In addition, many participants can receive up to $9,500 in benefits to trade in an old, gas-guzzling vehicle for an electric car through the Replace Your Ride program.

He will complete his Associates Degree in Electrical Construction and Maintenance in 2021.