GRID in the News

Outside, attendees were given the opportunity to learn about electric vehicles and test drive the all-electric Nissan Leaf, charge their phones and other devices via solar power, participate in a raffle to win a portable solar panel charger, and plant various vegetables like lettuce and eggplant.

The mayor's office cited support for his Green New Deal from several local environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, the L.A. Clean Energy Coalition, GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles and Communities for a Better Environment.

Demetrius Bloodsaw landed his first solar panel job with this company.

A student member of the National Society of Black Engineers recently shared her experience as part of the  [sic] GRID Alternatives Solar Spring Break program with the Sentinel, telling of a recent project with fellow students in Long Beach where they installed a solar paneling system for a low income family there.

That's why this month in Long Beach we brought together clean energy advocates, policymakers, and utility experts for a Los Angeles Energy and Equity Policy Series (LEEPS) event on community solar.

Michael Kadish, Grid Alternative's [sic] executive director for the Los Angeles area, said it's important for community solar projects to provide customers with real financial savings, and the group is exploring additional community solar options.

"Welcome back to the second half of Newsbreak Live. Joining me is Jasmine Roashan, who is the outreach coordinator for GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles!"

The students worked on the solar panels as part of a spring break program run by GRID Alternatives, a national nonprofit that works to provide clean, affordable solar power and solar jobs to low-income communities and communities of color.

Students will install solar panels for a two-day period for one family and spend the other days spreading awareness about renewable energy in the community.

Students from University of Michigan have participated in every Solar Spring Break and this year have three teams of students traveling to Los Angeles, San Diego and Nepal.