GRID in the News

A dramatic fall in solar panel manufacturing costs — from $101 per watt in 1975 to just $0.48 in 2016 — has been central to these efforts to reach low-income families and offset cuts in government funding for the industry, suggests Julian Foley, vice president of communications at GRID Alternatives.

Une installation solaire qui lui permettra d’économiser entre 50 et 90% sur ses prochaines factures d’électricité. Et il n’a pas déboursé le moindre dollar pour cela, grâce à l’association Grid Alternatives.

The Solar Power International Conference filled four days, both floors of the Anaheim Convention Center, plus the outdoor patios and the Marriott Hotel ballrooms.

Solar-Powered live music, food, beer, art, activities and local non-profits are all in the mix.

GRID Alternatives is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to working with people and the environment through solar panel work.

It's been a rough year for environmentalists, in the wake of solar panel tariffs, proposed cuts to federal clean energy programs, and […] Obama-era coal plant regulations [that] may be rolled back in favor of less stringent guidelines.

The installation is being provided at no cost to the Ramierz [sic] family through Energy for All, a program of GRID Alternatives, in partnership with Trojan Battery Company.

Since the average cost of a home solar system in the United States is around $20,000, by getting those for free (plus 20 years of free maintenance and repairs!) [through GRID Alternatives], it automatically adds around $20,000 of value to the property.

The coalition said it will also advocate for an equitable clean energy transition that prioritizes communities which have historically "endured the burden" of fossil fuels.

Co-founder Merritt Graves adds, "As far as the philanthropic side of things goes, this year, we plan to work with GRID Alternatives and contribute toward a fundraiser for My Friend's Place, a homeless resource center in the [Hollywood] neighborhood."