200 solar success stories! A decade into GRID's Long Beach work, 200 homes have gone green


November 30, 2017


GRID Alternatives construction individuals stand on a roof
Long Beach is one of the most important communities for our single-family solar program.

Founded out of a humble warehouse space in nearby Carson, GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles started its work in the City of Long Beach in 2007. Our mission has brought solar photovoltaic technology to homeowners in need across the city. In November, the 200th Long Beach homeowner to join our movement signed a contract for her system.

Staff members like Outreach and Strategic Partnerships Manager Stella Ursua not only continue GRID's mission, but also live in Long Beach and have enriched our organizational connections within the community immeasurably. "GRID's inclusive, result-oriented approach to renewable energy matters in a changing, diverse community like Long Beach," Stella says. "Over the last ten years, we've brought families significant savings on their utility bills and an incredibly easy way to participate in a grass-roots transition to alternative sources of power. The amount of money this frees up for low-income families adds up to millions of dollars, and we're proud to be making Long Beach a stronger community in so many ways."

From the furthest-north reaches of North Long Beach to the heart of the city's downtown, the GLA team's solar panels are popping up everywhere. With system number 200 set to be completed on December 1, 2017, we're using the occasion to congratulate Long Beach's leadership … and we're ready to keep this success story going! Find out whether you qualify for no-cost solar at www.gridsolar.org or get in touch with team members who have already done work in Long Beach on the contact page.