An electrifying time: Sony & GRID Alternatives work as one in Watts


October 18, 2011

Last week a group of wonderful employees of Sony Pictures Entertainment in Culver City joined forces with GRID Alternatives to install a 1.9 kW-AC solar electric system for the Zendejas family in Watts, Los Angeles. The experience was rewarding not only for the Sony team but also for GRID staff and the Zendejas family.

Each day started out with excitement in the air, you could say it was electric. Day one was mostly “prep work” in which the crew did the layout for the racking system and began to mount the Enphase micro-inverters to the railings for the modules. By the second day with a second team of Sony volunteers on site, the inverters were ready to be wired and the modules were ready to be mounted. After the modules were in place and the system was completely wired together, the final steps were calling for attention. Connections were double checked and the Zendejas family was invited to activate their new solar electric system.

Power at last. Another system was up and running for another family in the Greater Los Angeles area. Giving back to the community in an enhanced learning environment provided an opportunity for team building that allowed all who attended the installation to exercise how much they cared for the community at large, and society as a whole.

The team at GRID Alternatives would like to extend a huge thank you to Sony Pictures Entertainment for their sponsorship and support, and to the volunteers for their time and effort in helping to provide clean and affordable electricity to one more family in Los Angeles.

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