GRID Alternatives works for a greener Long Beach with the Office of Sustainability

At the start of this year, GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles had brought more than 200 of Long Beach's low-income families the bill savings and environmental benefits of clean energy through our no-cost solar model. Residential solar's an important target in a community like Long Beach, where diverse and hardworking families of all types can get a needed leg up through lower electricity payments. That's doubly true because several areas of Long Beach – the Westside, close to the Los Angeles-Long Beach Harbor; the Northside, near SR-91; and several areas north and east of Downtown – have been designated as environmentally-disadvantaged. As a vibrant and developing city sees more impacts from shipping, traffic, construction, and air travel, it's important for Long Beach residents to know that solar is within reach for them no matter how much they make a year!

At the end of June we were excited to put these priorities into action for another homeowner's Energy for All installation. The Yem family, Cambodian immigrants who came to Long Beach over two decades ago, owns two single-story houses near the Terminal Island Freeway on the city's western edge. As many Westside Long Beach families can attest, a greener city is an important priority for parents and their children. GLA was honored to have the Office of Sustainability join us as the install team on one of the houses, making sure that the Yems got their panels onto the roof before the hottest days of summer arrive.

Under the leadership of longtime clean energy advocate Larry Rich, the Office of Sustainability delivers benefit to the Long Beach populace through a variety of avenues. Whether it's making residential neighborhoods healthier through tree cover or helping property owners learn about their energy efficiency, Larry and his team are at the forefront of a movement for a better Long Beach. On our roof with Solar Installation Supervisor Darean Nguyen, they proved that they're never afraid to get their hands dirty for a cleaner city! Thanks to the whole team for making a great project possible on the Westside.

 Every week, more local leaders like Councilman Roberto Uranga (pictured onsite, above) are learning that GLA's Energy for All work is unlocking benefits that can be transformative across Long Beach. We're excited to share that news far and wide. If you're able to tun into LBTV for the televised council meeting tonight (July 10), make sure to watch for GLA! Outreach & Partnerships Manager Stella Ursua will address city councilmembers to make sure people across Long Beach get senses of our impact.