A Mid-City leader sees her home in a new light on the day of installation

Last week we had the privilege of rolling up our sleeves and installing solar panels on the roof of safe streets advocate and former Mid-City Neighborhood Council leader Lisa Ford Cook, who has lived in Los Angeles for as long as she recalls but only found out about the Energy for All program from friends last year. As a recipient of no-cost renewable power on her home, Lisa looks forward to money saved. It's money for her grandchildren's sports lessons in Santa Monica, trips to visit friends out of state, or whatever she chooses. What's even better: Lisa hosted an installation partner whose relationship with us is more than seven years old (Lincoln Heights' East Los Angeles Skills Center). ELASC trainees under GRID Alternatives supervision handled most of her system's construction, doing a marvelous job.

GRID's referral program applies to homeowners like Lisa, so if she chooses to help an acquaintance get clean power from the sun we'd like to send her household a $200 referral bonus!

On the Thursday that ELASC and GRID finished Lisa's solar, we welcomed visitors onsite from the nearby office of Tesla. Like our other partners from the energy and storage world, Tesla is interested in the future we open up to income-qualified families through free installation. For the second year, their team was excited to come out and see our one-of-a-kind work changing Los Angeles. And towards the end of the day, District Director Hannah Cho from the Office of State Senator Holly Mitchell extended congrats to everybody who made a Ford Cook residential installation possible! We got to know each other over glasses of Lisa's homemade punch.

We appreciate our Tesla friends whose support made this day special, and we couldn't be more honored by Ms. Cho's presentation of a Certificate of Recognition to GRID on behalf of California's 30th District. Senator Mitchell's team is held in such regard in the regions we serve, and we hope to work with it to spark better outcomes across the southern communities of Los Angeles County.