Part of an innovative clean air agenda in Pomona

For the first time this year, we celebrated California Clean Air Day! As a solar installer with a unique focus on communities at risk, many of those we reach already live in areas where atmospheric pollution burdens residential quality of life and creates the risk of negative health outcomes for clients and their children.

Moreover, Los Angeles as a whole has gone dozens of days this summer without clean air.

But solar, a clean and limitless source of energy, is part of the solution. In one of our partner cities (Pomona, in eastern Los Angeles County) we got a team of GRID Alternatives volunteers on the roof of Fred Madrid's single family home to make a difference in his smog-burdened neighborhood.

As volunteers Lancelot and Mark drilled screws in to secure the panels on the roof, they celebrated the ubiquity of technologies like solar that can help Californians thrive in a healthier society (while saving money). Council Member Cristina Carrazosa, who represents southern Pomona's District 3 communities, thanked volunteers for their assistance on Clean Air Day.

We're thrilled to be in communities like Pomona (and your community!) ensuring that Energy for All serves every one of us who ought to have breathable air.