Southern California Edison & GRID Alternatives Join Forces


October 18, 2011

Southern California Edison (SCE) & GRID Alternatives had been in talks to collaborate on a solar installation project. The fruits of the talks were recently realized when the two organizations joined together in Duarte, California. As part of SCE’s Month of Service, and fatefully coinciding with the recently proclaimed California Solar Energy Month, SCE generously provided a sponsorship, and a group of dedicated SCE employees from the Eco IQ Affinity Group jumped on board to volunteer their time with GRID Alternatives.

On October 16th and 17th, SCE’s Eco IQ group & the GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles staff teamed up by solarizing the Lopez family home in Duarte with a 1.6kW system which will save them nearly 75% off their electricity bill. The installation, supported significantly through the Single-family Affordable Solar Homes (SASH) program, which is managed by GRID Alternatives, was a huge success. Despite clouds and early mist in the air, volunteers from SCE arrived on the installation site in high spirits with GRID staff ready to go. Throughout the course of the day many lessons were learned, new friendships were created, and new perspectives were gained. By each day’s end, SCE volunteers & GRID Alternatives’ staff came away with a renewed sense of purpose.

The overall success of the SCE installation with the Lopez family demonstrated that together anything is possible. Commitment to providing viable energy solutions and sustainable energy alternatives is truly a team effort. As long as the sun is shining nothing is impossible. The future promises to be exciting. Imagine the possibilities…

We would like to extend a special thanks to Jenna Burnett and the rest of the Eco IQ team at SCE!

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