Energy Savings for Family of Seven


October 28, 2020
Heidi Ceron and son Nathan

Heidi is a certified home healthcare nurse and her husband works as a plumber. Her and her husband and five children moved from the South Bay area to Moreno Valley, California last year where they purchased a new home. 

During the hot summer months, her, and her family experience power issues due to excessive a/c usage. Heidi explained, that when the air is cranked for more than 30 minutes it causes a power surge. Despite efforts of researching other solar companies, they couldn’t find anything comparable to GRID. So her and her husband were very excited when they learned about GRID Alternatives’ no cost Energy for All Solar Program through a friend who encouraged them to apply. 

GRID’s Energy for All Solar program provides homeowners with significant savings on their energy bill. “The savings will be a huge blessing! We are a family of seven and our children are currently being homeschooled. We are constantly on our computers and charging devices, so our electric bills are extremely high. During the first couple of months of the pandemic my husband and I were not working, so the whole family was at home,” said Heidi.

Her and her husband teach their children to be energy conscious. The kids are only allowed to watch television a certain time of day. In addition, they also have a schedule of when they can do laundry, and they educate them about the overall importance of energy efficiency.

Homeowners who spread the word about GRID’s Energy for All no cost solar program, can earn up to $550 through the Referral Rewards program. “My experience with GRID has been great,” said Heidi. “Staff walked us through the entire process, from application through the installation, everyone has been super. Even if there was no incentive, I would still tell people about GRID because it is such a blessing to me my family. We are really happy!”

To apply for GRID’s Energy for All Solar Program, visit, or call 951-465-2864.