GRID IE Day of Giving Back at Galilee Center in Mecca


January 27, 2020
GRID IE Staff at Galilee Center in Mecca, California

GRID Alternatives Inland Empire (GRID IE) gave back to the community in a unique way at the beginning of 2020 with a recent visit to the Galilee Center. Last year, the Galilee Center in Mecca California received a 91.350 kW DC solar array thanks to GRID.  

A part of the Galilee Center’s mission is to fulfill the needs of the underprivileged and disadvantaged by providing food, clothing and other basic needs in the community of Mecca, California, such as through its weekly food distribution program. GRID returned to the center in early January, this time as a volunteer serving food to migrant farm workers and their families. This was a great opportunity to deepen relationships with the Galilee Center. GRID IE’s outreach team and Executive Director Jaime Alonso participated in this day of giving back. “It was very gratifying to be a part of this feeding, but more importantly, to give GRID staff a chance to see a community in need. My hope is that this experience inspired the team and showed them the importance of giving back,” said Community Development and Tribal Manager Lisa Castilone. 

Outreach Coordinator Rosemary Fonseca described her experience as a very memorable one. “My experience was amazing! Everyone there was very kind and excited to give back to the community. All of the volunteers I spoke to have been volunteering at the Galilee Center for more than two or three years, and said they looked forward to continuing to serve. The community members were all very grateful and amiable,” said Rosemary. “One of the foods we gave away was a box set of gingerbread houses for the families to build together. Each family walked away with smiles on their faces and tiny kids holding a giant box as big as their tiny bodies with a smile equally as big,” she recalled. 

GRID IE’s Executive Director Jaime also shared his feelings about the recent visit to Galilee Center. “I grew up a few minutes from the community of Mecca, so this experience was both nostalgic and served as a reminder of the continued need for those who live and work in the eastern Coachella Valley,” said Jaime. “Hundreds of people of all ages and abilities gathered at the Galilee Center in Mecca to receive basic goods like bread, eggs, produce and some treats like gingerbread houses and cookies. Galilee and GRID serve the same low-income communities. Working together, our hope is to alleviate economic inequity by providing no-cost services —whether through food donations or energy savings — to individuals and families throughout Riverside County.” 

GRID IE hopes to partner with the Galilee Center on future events such as this food giveaway.