Community Solar

Nestled on a leafy suburban street near the scenic Del Paso Regional Park, the Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento (CRH) stands as a safe haven for local children, youth, and families affected by abuse, neglect, and trauma. In December, GRID Alternatives was connected with the CRH to install a 77.29 kW-DC solar system to offset the center's electricity costs. Read more about how this will impact the CRH mission.
As the nation’s largest nonprofit solar installer, GRID was pleased to participate in the Community Solar Power Summit in San Diego, CA on January 18-19, 2023 and host a “Developer & Contractor Diversity Networking Fair,” on January 19. With more than 50 participants in the room, this event provided a dedicated space for a diverse network of contractors to connect with national and regional community solar developers.
Recently, GRID installed 20 off-grid solar-powered refrigerators for families in the Kumeyaay communities of Juntas de Neji and San Antonio Necua with support from Sempra Foundation. Refrigeration allows families to keep food, beverages, and medicine cold without having to drive 20-40 minutes to a nearby town to buy ice. The solar systems immediately save families time, money and improve health.