Happy Homeowner Turned GRID Employee


March 25, 2019
The H'Orvath Family

GRID Alternatives has opened doors for thousands of people through its people, planet, employment model. One success story is that of current GRID Alternatives Inland Empire Outreach Manager, Kari H’Orvath.

Kari was not your normal GRID client. Her first experience with GRID was through Community Development and Tribal Manager Lisa Castilone in 2009. Kari was working as a Development Specialist in the Housing Department for Riverside County. Lisa met with her to inquire about forming a partnership with Riverside County. Kari was not yet a homeowner, but she knew the no-cost solar program was something she would be interested in when the time came. Not long after she was in the market to buy a new home, she reached out to GRID to inquire about getting solar. “Lisa was very helpful in giving me guidance and walking me through the eligible areas and application process,” said Kari.

Prior to GRID, Kari had limited knowledge about solar other than the potential savings it could have on her electric bill (the average homeowner can expect to save 50 to 75 percent). With a family of six, she was anxious about the potential savings, and even had some energy-saving weatherization upgrades done to help bring the cost down. Because she had an older home, her roof required some repairs prior to having her solar system installed. She qualified for no cost solar thanks to funding through the Single-Family Affordable Homes Program (SASH) that GRID administers.

Three years after receiving solar through GRID, Kari learned about a job opening and decided to apply. She was interviewed and hired as Outreach Manager for the Inland Empire office. “I am happy to be able to help promote GRID’s mission of making clean, renewable energy technology accessible to underserved communities. Having first experienced GRID from a homeowner’s perspective gave me greater insight on how to enhance our outreach in the community,” stated Kari.

GRID Alternatives is always looking for qualified individuals who are passionate about their environment and want to make a difference in the communities GRID serves. See current openings, or if you are a homeowner and wish to see if you qualify for GRID’s Energy for All Program visit gridsolar.org.