[IBT 200 First Cohort Series, Part 4] What’s Next for IBT 200 in 2024?

Welcome to the final part of our IBT 200 series. Let’s discuss how IBT 200 winds down and the opportunities that come post-graduation.

Throughout our extensive, five-week course, IBT 200 students were supported by our Workforce Team to sharpen their skills and overcome the most significant challenges in the curriculum. This prepared them to display their skills to potential employers during the Solar Showcase, which took place at the Clean Tech Training Center on the final day of the program.

“We bring in local solar employers such as Burke Electric, Rep Solar, and SunPower to attend the Solar Showcase,” shared Paola Ramos, GRID IE Workforce Coordinator.

Solar is on pace to employ 400,000 people in America by 2030, and the overall clean energy industry is expected to hire more than 900,000 workers by 2035 to reach the nation’s 100% clean electricity goal.

Shortly after the Solar Showcase, IBT 200 students are celebrated during the official graduation ceremony, where they receive a certificate of completion and practice their public speaking skills in front of family, friends, and invited VIPs.

Upon completion of the program, graduates are given a stipend that can be used to support further career development, such as NABCEP certifications. 

IBT 200’s curriculum is created based on the NABCEP PV Installer Specialist Job Task Analysis, an established and recognized certification organization in the renewable energy industry.

Students from our historic first cohort working on our mock roof at the CTTC in Riverside, CA

Jeffrey, Rio, Gabriel, Marco, and Kevin on IBT 200 graduation day with Neil, GRID IE's Solar Installation Training Officer

On graduation day, Jeffrey felt “patient, motivated, and calm.” After reflecting on the challenges in the past five weeks, he confidently stated: “I’m ready to get out there and start working–without any hesitation about how to install a solar system.” We can’t wait to see what’s next for Jeffery!

For Marco, who simultaneously attended IBT 200 while working part-time at his local grocery store, “The program was exhausting but great–I am ready for what’s next. GRID’s taught me everything I need to know and offers continued support to get further into the industry after graduation.” Feeling accomplished, relaxed, and ready to take anything on, Marco is prepared to see where his new experience takes him in the industry!

Similarly to his fellow graduates, Rio expressed himself as “Focused, determined, accomplished.” on graduation day. Having overcome many challenges in a short span of time, Rio felt a “weight lifted off my shoulders. I am happy and proud of myself.” Rio hopes to network further with RepSolar and pursue a career as a lead installer with his own crew one day.

That’s a wrap, readers! We hope you gained insight about our IBT 200 program from this four-part story series (previously, part 1, part 2, part 3), including if it’s the right fit for you or someone you know. As a parting gift, we leave you with exciting news—two more IBT 200 sessions are coming this May and August! Spots are limited, so fill out the interest form to get ahead.

Note: the deadline to submit an interest form for the May 2024 cohort is April 26th.