Solar Futures Year-End Wrap-up


May 25, 2018

Five years ago, several schools approached GRID IE with an idea to enhance their vocational academies through GRID’s unique hands-on solar training program. GRID accepted the offer and out of this collaboration GRID created the Solar Futures program. During the first year of Solar Futures, GRID trained 14 students. The initiative has grown significantly since then, with over 190 students from seven different schools trained so far in 2018 and over 840 trained since 2013. These students have contributed to reducing carbon emissions throughout the Inland Empire while providing savings for families. They have also learned skills that can be applied to a promising career in the clean energy sector. Solar Futures allow young people an opportunity to rethink how they can learn in school and build their resumes, all while improving their local communities with access to no-cost renewable energy.

Below are GRID IE’s partner schools for 2017-2018 School Year: