Three Sisters Go Solar Together


July 18, 2019
Sisters Josefina Moreno, Imelda Flores and Sandra Barraza

Josefina Moreno and her two siblings Sandra Barraza and Imelda Flores moved from Chihuahua, Mexico to the United States with their family when they were young girls. Josefina has now lived in Riverside for 15 years. She and her husband have three children, a daughter in college and two younger boys. She first found out about GRID through Community Action Partnership Riverside (CAP) when one of CAP Riverside employees came out to do weatherization on their home. Josefina learned how her family could benefit from the savings on her energy bill through GRID and gave them a call. “My experience with GRID was great! The staff was very patient and helpful throughout the process from the application to installation. We have saved so much on our electricity bills. Especially in the summertime when it gets hot. Because of our new solar system, we can now run our air conditioner and not have it affect our bill,” said Josefina.

Josefina loved the work GRID did and could not wait to share the news with her sisters. Sandra has lived in Moreno Valley now for 20 years and like her sister Josefina, has one daughter and two younger boys. “As soon as my sister Josefina had her solar system installed, the Outreach Coordinator Tracy told me about funding that was available in my area for qualified low-income families so I decided to apply. When I learned about the benefits and how it would lower my electricity bill it was like a dream come true,” said Sandra. “GRID has been a blessing for me and my children. If it were not for GRID, I would not have been able to get my solar system. This program has changed our lives and I am so grateful,” she said.

Like her two sisters, Imelda Flores has one daughter who is in high school and two younger boys. Imelda knew the benefits of saving energy through solar because of the research she had done prior to her sisters receiving their solar system, but knew it was unaffordable for her. She was delighted to learn about GRID’s no cost solar program and say’s she is very thankful to GRID for the savings her family is seeing on their electricity.

GRID’s Energy for All solar program provides significant savings to low-income families in communities nationwide, as well as free job training. Visit to see if you qualify or call 951.465.2864.