From Virtual IBT Cohort to GRID Staffer

Jeremiah always dreamed of landing a job in the solar industry. However, he didn’t know that the pathway to his career would be through a free online training course.

“I’ve been interested in clean energy and solar for a while. I was looking for a solar program that offered training. I did a Google search and GRID Alternatives came up in the search about an online solar training. I learned that the training was no cost and called right away to sign up for the next Installations Basic Training (IBT) course in March of this year.” Jeremiah was delighted to found out that he was accepted into the Virtual IBT course.

“Before I completed the course, the staff was very helpful and informed me that GRID was hiring in the construction department. They encouraged me to apply for the position, and even offered assistance in helping me with my resume and helped to prepare me for the interview.” He submitted his application, interviewed for the position of Solar Construction Assistance, and got the job!

Prior to coming to GRID, Jeremiah was an art major at The Art Institute and studied animation. He also worked various odd jobs including warehouse work, but he really wanted to follow his passion in the field of green energy. “I didn’t just want to have a job, but I wanted to have a job that I believe in,” said Jeremiah.  He shared that the part about working for GRID he enjoys the most is getting a chance to work with his hands, outdoors being physical, and he loves GRID’s mission of helping people in need.

Jeremiah described a typical day’s work as a Solar Construction Assistant includes everything involving solar installation from attaching rails, laying solar panels to wiring the J box. He said there is always new stuff to learn. “I have learned a lot, thanks to GRID and my continued training. I work with a bunch of great people. Awesome team!”

When asked what advice he would give to someone interested in pursuing a career in solar he said, “It’s helpful to be passionate about what you do and believe in the cause. Also, if you know of anyone in solar, talk to them and get advice. Believing in what you do makes work easier!”

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