GRID in the News

GRID Alternatives ranked No. 21 on the 2019 Renewables Reputation Index, as compiled by Tamarindo Communications. The ranking is a comprehensive overview of companies’ market profile and reputation within the U.S. market.

It was a sweltering 83 degrees in the District Tuesday and the sun had no blanket of clouds to block its rays upon the city. It was a hard day for a forehead, but the perfect day to set up a rooftop solar installation as Mayor Muriel Bowser and several officials from the Department of Employment Services and GRID Alternatives Mid Atlanticcelebrated the 100th installation on a home in Northeast as part of the District’s Solar Works DC initiative.

Mayor Muriel Bowser celebrated the 100th installation under the Solar Works DC initiative by commissioning a rooftop solar installation at a home in Ward 6. In addition, Mayor Bowser released Sustainable DC 2.0, the District’s updated citywide plan detailing actions and strategies for becoming the healthiest, greenest, and most livable city in the nation.

Washington D.C. Mayor Bowser celebrated the 100th rooftop solar installation under the Solar Works D.C. initiative on April 23, 2019.

The Solar Works DC program celebrated its 100th installation in a special ceremony that was attended by Washington, D.C., mayor Muriel Bowser and representatives from GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic, the Department for Energy and Environment, and the Department of Employment Services.

In an op-ed for the Capital Gazette, GRID Mid-Atlantic's Chris Sewell writes that in Maryland, policy like the Clean Energy Jobs Act is needed immediately.

Since 2001, nonprofit solar installer GRID Alternatives has been on a mission to bring more solar energy to underserved communities. In addition to installing solar for low-income families in California, Colorado, the Mid-Atlantic and tribal nations, GRID also focuses on providing solar job training. Solar Industry caught up with two recent graduates of GRID’s training program in Washington, D.C., where new renewable energy mandates could portend a major jobs market for solar in the future.

GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic is joining the urgent appeal for the Maryland House Economic Matters Committee to move forward with the Clean Energy Jobs Act (HB 1158), a 50 percent renewable portfolio standard (RPS) that would reinvigorate the solar industry in Maryland.

GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic encourages the Virginia General Assembly to pass two important pieces of renewable energy legislation that, if passed, would create local jobs, boost the economy, save families money on electricity costs, reduce pollution, and strengthen Virginia’s leadership role in an equitable transition to clean energy.

The D.C. City Council unanimously voted in favor of the Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018, securing a historic win for renewable energy and making the District a model for the rest of the country.