Client Testimonials

Here at GRID Alternatives Mid-Atlantic, we care about our homeowners. They become more than clients, they are part of our GRID family. Solar provides families with long-term relief from high and unpredictable electricity costs, putting money in their pockets they can use for food, clothing or medical bills. 

Watch and read about GRID Alternatives' clients who have gotten solar. 

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Tyrone Evans' electric bills used to be over $100. Now with solar, his bills have gone down to $12, $8, or sometimes, zero dollars! See how much Tyrone saves with solar. 

Ashley David says getting solar on her home was her idea. The installation on Ashley's home marked the day of the one millionth installation in the United States. Read about the installation here.

Homeowners Mr. and Mrs. Thomas

"The last three months, I've saved at least $70 a month. This month, my bill was $45, and that was while I was running my air conditioning unit the majority of the time. The previous three months, my bill was zero dollars. GRID Alternatives has pleasant folks to work with. They are polite, helpful, and efficient. I would recommend anyone to participate in their program of energy conservation through solar energy."

Homeowners Mr. and Mrs. Thomas, long-term residents of Washington D.C. 

Homeowner Jose Menjivar-Lopez

"I save like $150 a month during the winter time. I am putting the money into a savings account. I would recommend GRID especially because they help people and because you would save money with solar panels on your house."

Jose Menjivar-Lopez, Washington, DC, Homeowner for 4 years, Washington DC resident for 6 years.

Diana Grey, a lifelong resident of Washington DC, recently got solar panels installed on her home for no cost. Watch her experience on signing up for the solar program.

Homeowner Bernice Rink stands by a GRID sign
Homeowner Bernice Rink

"It helps people who are on fixed incomes, and without this organization, I would not be able to afford solar panels. Hey, it works, it's real."

Bernice Rink, Washington, DC, Homeowner for 4 years, long-term resident of Washington DC

Homeowner Vicky McGill

"My bills in the summer would normally be between $70 to $80 a month. Now, they are normally down to $0 to $15 a month! It's nice to have that extra money. My experience getting solar with GRID was great. The same day I reached out, I was contacted, and things just took off from there. The next week, two GRID employees came out and saw my house to determine if I qualified, and the week after I found out I had qualified. Definitely check GRID Alternatives out, and see if your house is a good candidate for solar. The people at GRID are informative. They are not just "salespeople," and they will always give you the facts. They are very easy to work with."

Vicky McGill, Homeowner for 19 years, lifelong resident of Washington DC