LAYC Is In The House! Take Two


June 15, 2016
LAYC job trainees on a solar installation

“I’ve never done anything like it,” is how Tysean described his experience installing solar with GRID Alternatives. Tysean is part of the Montgomery County Conservation Corps, a branch of the Latin American Youth Center (LAYC), a group that helps youth obtain their GED while giving them experience in different career fields. This was GRID’s second time working with the LAYC, and it was our pleasure to host Tysean and three other job trainees in our DC office for a week.

The group spent two days installing solar panels, bookended by safety training and learning various in-office skills. This was the group’s first experience learning about the solar industry. “It was cool to do something I’ve never done before,” said Tysean, “It opened my eyes to possible new jobs to do in the future.” In particular, the hands-on experience was very beneficial for the job trainees. Breonnie, one of the members of the training group commented, “Instead of just telling you to do something, they showed you how. It was more of an instruction training than just a volunteer experience.”

The purpose of the LAYC is to prepare the youth for getting a job after obtaining their GED. GRID Alternatives works to give job trainees and volunteers the skills to prepare them for entering the solar industry. “This experience is really good to have later down the road,” said Breonnie. Some of the group even liked the idea of eventually working in the solar industry. “Maybe in the future, I’ll get a job in solar,” said Ronnie, “maybe even working with GRID Alternatives because it helps a lot of people and it helps the environment.”