Jose the Fighter


February 29, 2012

By GRID Alternatives Outreach Coordinator Evelyn Blanco

As Outreach Coordinators we meet different families who are amazing in their own unique way. There are some families that inspire us with their life story or by the way they just are. Our featured story is of Jose Damian, a cancer survivor, one of our amazing homeowners who is full of life and determination to make the best out of what life has given him.

Jose is a father of eight and has 11 loving grandchildren. He is a caring father who makes sure his family has everything they need. He values his family greatly and makes sure they all stay connect even after his children have moved away and started their own families. This is evident by the stories he shared and by the mosaic of family pictures that hang on the walls of his living room. Jose is also a fighter who has won one battle with cancer and is once again taking on another battle. Jose said, “We will survive this small obstacle” as he addressed his current new cancer battle.

Jose and his wife Antonia live in their solarized home in City Heights. The Damian family is “thankful for everything and they will never forget”. The savings from their system will be helping them pay the home, water and other bills.