When the Community Works Together, Everyone Prospers


February 24, 2015
Gonzalez Family

Brian Gonzalez, (L in the picture with his parents) a GRID Solar Corps Fellow, is great example of this. By bringing his entire life: school, career, family around solar paneling, Brian not only has helped himself and his family but the community at large.

Realizing his passion for helping others in high school, Brian began working with the Barrio Logan College Institute, an organization dedicated to assisting first generation college students. As the first to attend college in his own family, Brian tutored others in order to achieve this goal through the BLCI.

His hard work did not go unnoticed, and in June of 2013, Brian took the opportunity to student intern at GRID Alternatives San Diego. Coming to us quiet and reserved, he has grown into the more outgoing person that, in March of 2014, accepted a fellowship with GRID.

While, Brian has excelled as a member of the staff, he did not limit his passion to just his career. During his internship, Brian realized that his family could benefit just as much as he had. He said,

“When they first found out about the program they were skeptical at first. It was helpful that I was an intern at the time when I was explaining how the program would help them save on their electric bill. As I gave them the details of what took place my parents were excited to know they would be making a positive contribution towards a green city.”

We were able to qualify Brian’s family and they received solar power too! Brian noted,

“My parents are a reminder to me that the work we do here at GRID Alternatives affects our families as much it affects our communities.”

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