Bayview Solar Superstar Homeowners


March 25, 2014

At GRID Alternatives our greatest advocates for spreading the word on solar are often our clients. Last week in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood, we got the chance to install for and get to know one particular solar superstar family. 

Having heard about solar from neighbors who had their own solar installed by GRID, Kristin Houk and husband Matt Tehran decided to follow suit.  Over the years they have been greening their home because they felt a responsibility to help clean the air.  As parents of two young boys, Kristin says, “We feel it is our responsibility to protect our planet and the resources we have for our children’s future.  By going solar we can really amplify our efforts and we are thrilled to be saving money on our electricity bill.” Last week, with the help of volunteer employees at Sunrun – a provider of residential solar – GRID installed solar for Kristin and Matt. 

As we reach out to all of our Bay Area communities we’ve found the partnerships we make with local organizations and individuals has been our greatest resource in expanding the movement.  When our clients become the face of solar in their communities and speak about their experience with GRID we hear from neighbors and friends and in-turn, further our impact in the Bay Area.

As local entrepreneurs and long-time residents of the Bayview, Kristin and Matt are spreading the word on solar. In fact, they plan on posting information on how to go solar in their food truck-style restaurant – All Good Pizza – for their neighbors.  Additionally, as community organizers they look forward to keeping GRID in the neighborhood through events and gatherings.