A Bright and Sunny Father's Day Gift


July 25, 2013

Married for 60 years, Jose and Margarita give their best to their family, and they do it with a smile. When asked what their secret is for a happy marriage, Margarita playfully replies, “being the boss” before adding that “compromise, taking care of each other and not leaving at the first signs of complications” are also important. And, just in time for Father’s Day, their son Jose Jr. was able to return their hard work and dedication by working with GRID Alternatives to install a solar electric system on their San Jose home.

“I feel good about this! We’re trying to use the sun and natural power, and I’m trying to educate my parents, too,” comments Jose Jr., a renewable energy enthusiast who has studied solar installation at San Jose City College. “They're older, but I explain things to them: 'Hey this is what's going on - everybody is converting to help the universe because the universe is getting used up.' "

The Hernandez family’s 2.1 kilowatt system was installed with the support of volunteers from Google as a part of their GoogleServe event, who worked alongside Jose Jr. to complete the installation. The system they installed will not only prevent 62 tons of polluting greenhouse gas emissions, but will also save Jose and Margarita an estimated $19,600 over its lifetime. “They're on a fixed income and every little bit counts. They'll be saving quite a bit, it'll be more money in their pocket,” adds Jose Jr.

Jose and Margarita have a lot to be proud of in their son and GRID is excited to help him give back in such a meaningful way. To see photos of their installation, click here.