Green City Goes Greener with GRID!


July 31, 2015

The small Humboldt County city of Arcata is known for environmental firsts. From being the first city in the U.S. to have a Green Party majority city council, to building a living wastewater treatment system atop an old solid waste dump, Arcata embraces new ways of thinking and acting on behalf of the environment.

This innovative spirit was on full display last week when GRID Alternatives came to town to install the first GRID solar system in Arcata in partnership with the city’s Community Development Department. Our volunteer crew was thrilled to receive a warm welcome from homeowner Sandra Lenhart, and Arcata’s Mayor, Michael Winkler, who rolled up his sleeves to help install Sandra’s system alongside the GRID volunteer crew.

 "The city has a very strong commitment to environmental sustainability, to making energy affordable and producing energy locally,” said Mayor Winkler. “This installation is a great example of all of those things coming together."

Working together, the GRID volunteers installed a 2.7 kW solar system on Sandra’s home, which will ultimately save her over $23,000 on her energy bills. “I'm just very grateful that this is available to me,” said Sandra, “I'm also grateful that it's one less item coming off a nuclear generator plant somewhere. Hopefully the exposure here will have more people interested.”

Thanks to the City of Arcata, Mayor Winkler, and the dedicated GRID volunteers who made this project a success! See more great photos of this install here.