From GRID Volunteer to Solar Installer in Three Short Months


December 04, 2012

“The people you meet through GRID are potentially great resources to learn more or get your foot in the door for a job opportunity.”  That couldn’t be more true for Luke Wojtaszek, who was recently hired as a paid solar installer for 510 Solar after only three short months as a GRID volunteer. 

Luke’s fast track to solar employment couldn’t have happened without three key components: motivation, a little bit of luck, and volunteer experience through GRID. 

Motivated by his interest in solar, Luke met a GRID Team Leader at a green networking event who recommended he get involved with GRID if he wanted to get solar installation experience. As luck would have it, that GRID Team Leader happened to be none other than Nate Blumenkrantz, founder of the solar installation company 510 Solar who got his start in solar as a GRID volunteer himself.  Luke began his own journey to becoming a GRID Team Leader - gaining over 50 hours of installation experience - and didn’t forget to email Nate to thank him for the recommendation.  Nate responded, this time not with a volunteer opportunity, but with information for a job opening at 510 Solar. 

Luke’s volunteer install experience through GRID allowed him to land the job as an entry level solar installer for 510 Solar.  In Luke’s words “GRID was my entry point into the solar industry. Without GRID, I wouldn't have had the experience to even apply for a job as a solar installer. The ability to become a Team Leader was even more help. It not only showed I know how to do things well enough to teach other volunteers, it also showed I was serious about solar”. 

These stories of solar job connections are ones we hear often at GRID offices across the state.  To date, our volunteers have landed jobs at over 30 renewable energy companies and counting.  With the industry on the rise, we are hoping to increase our ability to connect volunteers to valuable job opportunities at respectable companies like 510 Solar.  This is why we added our new Solar Employment Opportunities page to our website that has links to career and job opportunities at solar companies in the Bay Area.  GRID is very fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers and advocates like Luke and Nate, and this makes us believe that there are many bright futures on the horizon for GRID volunteers seeking solar employment!