Keep Solar Growing in Your Community


September 25, 2013

GRID Alternatives is working with one of our solar industry partners, Clean Power Finance, to spread the word about the National Solar Permitting Database, a free, online database of information on solar permitting requirements for cities and counties across the country. Check out today!

Requirements vary dramatically across jurisdictions, and this database, hosted by, makes it easier for solar contractors (including GRID Alternatives!) to navigate permitting in different areas, saving time and money. It also allows cities to compare their requirements to those of other cities, fostering healthy competition to make solar ever easier to install!

If you are involved in solar installations, here’s how you can benefit from and contribute to the database:

  • Go to and search for permitting requirements.
  • Register for an account so you can contribute what you know.
  • Use the voting tool to validate information.

Curious to know how the communities you work in measure up to best practices in solar permitting? Check out Vote Solar’s Project Permit, a website that pulls in data from, and grades cities on their permitting practices. You can view scorecards of towns you work in, and use the tools on the website to quickly encourage adoption of best practices in your area.