No ordinary day on the roof


September 04, 2013

It was a typical GRID Colorado day - sunny skies and an awesome team of volunteers, raising solar panels to the roof of the small home of another wonderful family. 

And suddenly there was nothing typical about it. Dozens of people began to descend upon the front lawn of Rick and Roberta Lopez. The street filled up with cars. Reporters mingled to interview the crowd, the staff, the family and the volunteers. 

It was GRID's 9th installation for Colorado in 2013 and we decided it was time to shout it to the Rocky mountaintops. Ron Binz, GRID Colorado's board chair and President Barack Obama’s FERC chair nominee, greeted eager guests and reporters alike. Jeff Ackermann, Colorado Energy Office Director, harnessed up, got up on the roof and laid panels with the team. Ashley Grosh from Wells Fargo's Environmental Affairs gave an inspirational speech about the corporate and personal benefits of supporting and volunteering with GRID. Homeowner and solar recipient that day Rick Lopez finished the program off. “All of these volunteers represent the blessings in my life. Good things just keep happening to me,” Lopez said to the crowd.

The event was a celebration of our accomplishments to date and a spotlight on what it is yet to come. Our enthusiastic gratitude to our dedicated volunteers, a resounding applause to Rick and Roberta Lopez who could not have done more to help, and of course a very special thanks to everyone who joined us.

And if you didn't join us, we'll see you soon! In the interim check out the event's highlights on the Denver Post and Denver Business Journal