Artemio Quintana Martinez

Warehouse Technician
Artemio “Temo”, started with GRID doing the IBT Program and doing volunteer work. He began his career with GRID as an installer, soon became the Warehouse Technician and now he is making interconnections and working behind the walls through the Madera County Department of Corrections. Temo moved from Mexico in 2015, where he studied architecture. In the U.S., he worked two years in the fields, where he met wonderful people and loved the contact with nature. He began studying in the afternoons at Fresno Adult School, where he earned his GED and obtained a certification as a Professional Office Assistant and then went on to Fresno City College, where he is currently studying to obtain a degree in Business Administration. He is grateful Workforce Connection led him to GRID, where he loves his job. He has office and restaurant management experience. One of his goals is to start his own craft brewery since he had the opportunity to work in one of the best craft breweries in Mexico, where he worked as an administrative assistant and studied to obtain federal certifications to brew beer.