Casildo Aguilar Varbarin

SolarCorps Workforce Development & Volunteer Fellow
Casildo had the opportunity to successfully complete the IBT-200 course with GRID Alternatives in May of 2021. The skills and knowledge that he obtained through this training gave him the confidence to step into the amazing world of renewable energy. After venturing out towards the vast possibilities found in the solar industry beginning as a commercial and residential installer, Casildo was met with the unique opportunity to take part in the SolarCorps Fellowship Program here at GRID. One thing that keeps him motivated and feeling grateful each day is remembering the times that someone has been gracious enough to help him through his most difficult moments. The opportunity to contribute to GRID’s mission to build community-powered solutions to advance economic and environmental justice through renewable energy is a rewarding experience like no other. Apart from the enjoyment that he finds in being a SolarCorps fellow and working alongside amazing people, the gratification of being able to pay it forward and seeing a healthier world is beyond description. As an individual who loves experiencing the wonders of nature and often spending time hiking or mountain biking, he looks forward to a world powered by renewable energy as GRID Alternatives envisions.