Casildo Aguilar Varbarin

Workforce Training Programs Coordinator
Casildo was born in Selma and raised in Fresno, California. His journey with GRID Alternatives started with graduating from our Installation Basics Training (IBT) 200 in May of 2021. After graduating from the program and entering the industry as a residential/commercial solar installer, he was met with the opportunity to develop new skills through a SolarCorps Fellowship Program in our Workforce Department. After his fellowship term, he was met with yet another opportunity to continue to be part of the life changing work being done here at our GRID Central Valley’s Training Center. In August of 2022, Casildo was hired on as our Workforce Training Programs Coordinator. Casildo believes in the value of an opportunity and describes that his work is an enriching factor of his life as it allows him to witness the amazing success that people achieve through these training programs.