Elvira Arias Velasco

Workforce Coordinator
Elvira Arias Velasco was born and raised in Torrance, a beach community in Southern California, with her twin sister and mom. In high school, she became mindful of the planet and started sustainable habits, which led her to pursue and receive a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Environmental Science in 2019 from Fresno State.

Before starting her SolarCorps Fellowship program with GRID in September of 2022, she was in retail for four years. She’s gained a lot of customer service experience and loved it but wanted something worthwhile. “It will be a nice change of pace to see the difference by working at GRID.” Elvira has a strong desire to be part of the efforts in helping her community in transitioning to renewable energy.

Her hobbies include trying out different vegan recipes, attending local events like Art Hop, and touring all the different places California has to offer. Currently, her favorite music artist is Bad Bunny.