Matthew De La Rosa

Construction Assistant
Matthew Delarosa was employed at Applebee's as a line cook before making his journey to GRID. He wanted to better himself and remembered seeing us at a tabling event. That desire landed him a seat in IBT 200, where he received hands-on training on solar installation. A local Union hired him after completing the program in December of 2022. During his time there, he learned to be a team player and why hydration is essential. As a commercial installer, they installed 1500 panels a day, building out solar farms.

After a season working as a commercial installer, Matt remembered why he left Applebees in the first place. Not completely satisfied with commercial work, Matt decided to change gears. When the position of Construction Assistant became available in July of 2023, Matt returned to GRID. Reflecting on his experience so far, he says it’s been “exceptional .” He appreciates the team taking the extra time to teach him when he needs additional training.

Matthew Delarosa was born and raised in Hollister, California. Growing up, he played football and was a nose guard for his local High School. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to country music. Matthew is also an artist and wants to get back into the art of tattooing.