Installing Solar with Wells Fargo Bank

GRID Alternatives is fortunate to have community partners who share their same vision and focus in helping communities flourish.  The vital help they offered provides energy savings for families well into the future and helps provide economic benefit to communities we jointly serve.

Wells Fargo Bank is one of those collaborative partners and a supporter of GRID. We are extremely fortunate that over the last several years, Wells Fargo Bank has supported our efforts in providing solar energy to families through their generous financial support, rooftop volunteers, and enthusiasm.

Wells Fargo Bank has provided funding in the amount of $62,500.00 to each of eight GRID Regional Offices across the United States through their Wells Fargo National Project Funding Grant for 2022. The funds that were provided to the Central Valley Regional Office helped with solar installation on projects providing seven kW of electrical generation which is projected to have the following environmental and economic impacts for the families and the communities:

  • $64,035.68 in savings for the families over the system’s lifetime.
  • 121.43 tons of carbon emissions prevented (equivalent of planting about 2,824 trees!)

In October 2022, 13 employee volunteers from Wells Fargo Bank joined GRID Alternatives in providing solar on homes on Fresno and Visalia, California. The volunteers were able to install complete systems providing component installation on the roof including rails, inverters and related electrical wiring and then focused on completing interconnection between the roof and connections routed to the main electrical panel where GRID Solar Installation Supervisors completed final connections to the main electrical service panel. They did a great job and they seemed enthusiastic to be there.

 As always, GRID’s mission of empowering communities in need with renewable energy, energy services, equipment and training continues to be at the forefront of our work and for that, we can all be proud.

There is no better reward than to earn the continued confidence of corporate supporters whose belief in GRID’s core mission continues to grow. GRID Central Valley has once again received support from Wells Fargo Bank, who continues its commitment to residents of the Central Valley helping ensure a better quality of life for those they serve and it’s not just the financial piece of it; they’re proud to say that they have team members who go out and spend thousands of hours donating their time and energy.

Wells Fargo Bank, thank you for a job well done. We truly appreciate the support and for that we are very thankful.  We look forward to continued collaboration with Wells Fargo Bank as we solarize the landscape one roof at a time.